“One of the reasons why I paint is to give my understanding for all the misunderstood horses of my veterinary career a place.”

“The introversion, creativity and stubbornness were there from the start and as a girl of 3 years old I started painting watercolours in my grandfather’s studio.”

Nature has been my endless source of inspiration, but I have to admit that horses hold a particular and enduring fascination.”

“I believe that art should have a deep connection with spirituality, that colour should have a symbolic meaning, and that the act of painting should be both instinctive & uninhibited just like the horses that I paint.”

“I am beyond thankful I can say I do this for a living and that my work is in the collections of international private collectors based in Dubai, United States of America, Australia and across Europe.”

“I inherited my passion for horses from my mom, who put me on a horse when I wasn’t yet able to walk.”

“As an artist with an equine veterinarian background I specialise in expressing the freedom, naturalness and instinct of horses.

I want to paint an emotion, a feeling, a connection or an atmosphere. I want to express the freedom and peace that horses give in my watercolour technique, full of movement and naturalness as it assumes the canvas’s own materiality and color as a negative space in my works.

I consciously accept randomness and I know that it is an operator of my works. It is in this space that the poetics of randomness and freedom are situated.”