Custom Artwork On Commission (legacy)

Custom artwork on commision

Let me assist you in immortalizing your meaningful memories through a timeless piece of art. Whether it’s a tribute to your departed soulmate, a key moment in your life, or the enchanting highlight of a vacation. 

Unsure about how to bring your idea to life, whether it’s a tribute to a lost soulmate or a celebration of your love for your current horse? 

Anything is possible. 

Feel free to brainstorm with me to explore all the options of creating your custom artwork. In the pricelist document you find a lot of information about possibilities, sizes and prices.

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Our surroundings significantly impact our mood, performance, and overall well-being. Never underestimate the influence of art that resonates with your state of mind. Art heals, provides strength in times of grief or loss, and can boost your confidence. Transform your living space into your favorite haven, cultivating serenity in your mind and build an atmosphere that truly feels like home.

 I capture the spirit of your equine companion, creating timeless pieces that reflect the profound bond between humans and horses.

My mission is to provide individuals with a space where their emotions find expression, infusing energy into their homes, and offering tranquility for their minds.