Calendar 2023


  • Includes my favourite work of this year collected in a limited edition monthly calendar 2023
  • Handy A4 format (21 x 30 cm)
  • High-quality paper ensures quality throughout the year


My Limited Edition 2023 Equine Art Calendar has been designed to make your daily chore of organising life a tad more beautiful with my 12 favourite equine artworks of last year to carry you through the year in style.

This years style is characterised by explorations in integrating more of my personal beliefs into my work.
Especially pieces like ‘Feed me strength’ (January), ‘Feed me air’ (March), ‘The Alchemist’ (May), ‘Snow’ (June), ‘Footloose’ (cover + October), ‘Stoic’ (November), ‘Feed me sunlight’ (December) represent personal insights of this past year.

The unrestrainedness and the flourishing in freedom of our horses have been thoroughly inspiring to apply to my own life and art. These pieces have been carefully selected to tell that story.

By the way, making this calendar I also noticed I started loving turquoise and yellow this year, which reflects my renewed optimism, I believe.