Digital Gift Card

50,001 000,00

  • Valid for existing artworks and paintings on commission
  • Valid for 5 years, so gives you the chance to save up for your favourite artwork
  • Available as digital e-card or physical luxe gift box

There is nothing that gives as much energy and satisfaction as making someone else happy.

A digital gift card for an existing artwork or one on commission is a very special and personal gift.

When you buy this digital gift card you will immediately receive an e-mail with a code anyone can use in the webshop.


With a digital gift card you can decide for yourself the amount of money you want to spend. The recipient of the card can choose what he or she uses the voucher for as it is not only valid for existing paintings in the webshop, but also for artworks on commissions in size and preference you like.

A gift card is valid for 5 years, which gives you the chance to save up for your favourite artwork.

If the given amount is not fully spent in one purchase, the remaining amount remains usable.