April, come she will


  • Original watercolour on linen canvas
  • Measures 30 x 30 x 4 cm
  • framed in wooden frame, gold messing look, ready to hang
  • Signed by the artist
  • Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist

‘April, come she will’

From the ashes of exhaustion, I arose,
stripped bare like trees in winter’s throes,
but as the world around me bloomed and thrived,
I too reawakened, rekindled, revived.

Like blossoms on a tree, once dormant and still,
I shed my old self and embraced my will,
to grow and flourish, with strength and grace,
renewed and empowered, in life’s next phase.

So let us heed nature’s lesson and learn,
that after the darkest nights, new days return,
and with each reawakening, we find anew,
the boundless potential and power in you.

The call of renewal, and the promise of spring,
to rise from the ashes, and spread our wings.