1 800,00

  • Original watercolour on linen canvas
  • Measures 70 x 70 x 2 cm
  • Signed by the artist
  • Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist
  • Framed in black wooden floating/depth frame with gold border
  • Ready to hang with suspension system


This is the first painting of the new series ‘Whisper’, inspired by Paard Verzameld art challenge ‘whisper’. The titel really resonated. I’ve had the idea for the series for a while now, but it wasn’t clear yet and with the word ‘whisper’ I suddenly saw my whole series in front of me and I was emotionally touched by this.

‘Some people talk to animals, not many listen though. That’s the problem.’ ~ A.A. Milne

As a vet I see a lot of animal abuse. Things we see as ‘normal’, come with cruelty that we are not always aware of. This has been bothering me for quite a while and I decided to make a series out of this.

From each piece of the series that is sold, 25% of the profits will be donated to a charity.

For this piece I choose ‘The Old Horses Lodge’, based in Laarne, Belgium, a recognized shelter for abandoned, abused or sick horses. After rehabilitation they give new home to horses, which were confiscated by federal public service for animal welfare. More info:

This piece is called ‘Lucky’.

His name is Alvaro, which means warrior.
He was on a truck for the last 26 hours from Spain to Belgium together with 8 other horses. No food, no water. Exhausted and dehydrated. He has never been this scared, but the horse next to him is even worse.
Soon a vet will check him if he is lucky and he will get a better life when someone unknown will buy him for too much money because of his fake passport that tells he’s only 7 years old, while he’s actually 13. Someone will take good care of him. He will have enough water and a lot of powerfood which he can eat till his belly hurts. He will have a nice big stable of 3x3m2 with plenty of wet straw where he can sleep tight and draw circles for 23 hours a day. He will have a nice owner who will love him endlessly and will bump 1 hour a day on his back that hurts, drawing more circles but this time in the round pen. If he’s lucky he can also go outside for a couple of hours and if he’s even more lucky, he will get some friends. But that’s only for some lucky few.

Dimensions70 × 70 cm