Quiet Journey


  • Original watercolour on linen canvas
  • Measures 30 x 30 x 4 cm
  • framed in wooden frame, gold messing industrial look, ready to hang
  • Signed by the artist
  • Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist

Autumn whispers a reminder to let go gracefully.

Like falling leaves, release what no longer serves, making room for the magic of fresh starts.

Embrace what is coming your way, welcoming change and receive.

“Instead of mourning the end of summer, I choose to stay connected to nature in autumn, slowing down with the rhythm of the trees. It’s okay if my energy isn’t as high as in summertime, and it’s fine not to achieve as much. It’s okay to embrace a sense of preparation for hibernation. Letting go, cutting ties, and creating space for new and better things are okay as well. It’s about releasing what doesn’t serve you well and making room for positive change.”

It makes it like this, but it’s been a big learning curve. Not so long ago I would have said ‘yeah right’. Shifting from a life of hustle, stress, and going against the tide to one of acceptance and listening is a difficult process.

Let this painting be a reminder you may listen to your inner voice x







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