Whistle Jacket


  • Original watercolour on linen canvas
  • Measures 30 x 40 cm (excl. frame)
  • Signed by the artist
  • Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist
  • Framed in wooden floating/depth frame with gold messing look and feel
  • Ready to hang with suspension system


In the quiet of the studio, a masterpiece emerges.
I feel this is one of my favourite artworks I’ve made so far.

A proud horse stands against a backdrop, its coat alive with shades of chestnut. With each stroke, its strength comes to life.

At its side a whistle rests, a symbol of the timeless bond between man and horse.
Together, they embody the spirit of freedom.

This is a homage to George Stubbs’ iconic “Whistlejacket.”

The name “Whistlejacket” was a tribute to the race horse’s legendary speed and agility. As the story goes, the horse’s original owner, once remarked that the horse moved so fast, it could “outpace the wind’s whistle” and you only saw the jacket passing by. And so, the name “Whistlejacket” was born.

I saw “Whistlejacket” myself in the Mauritshuis, where its presence commanded reverence. This painting was created for a Paard Verzameld art challenge, dedicated to reinterpreting the timeless masterpiece. Inspired by the horse’s legendary reputation, I sought to convey not just its timeless physical form, but its essence, the embodiment of equine grace and power.

Dimensions30 × 40 cm

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